About Us

Established in 2005 The Flower Boxx has become the fastest
growing floral/craft shop in the area.  Focusing on customer
needs is what The Flower Boxx bases its success on.  Unlike any
other floral shop in the area, we are truly here to work with our
customers, whether it be in a time of sadness such as a loved one
passing or a joyous time such as a new addition to your family with
a child being born or your dream wedding.


Our Team:
Our team is comprised
of one of the most versatile
groups found anywhere.

Rhonda Pangle is the Owner/Operator with over 15 years
in the floral and craft industry.  "Rhonda has made some of the
most unique flower arrangements with truly heart felt passion."
says one local funeral director.  Rhonda is also The Flower Boxx's
senior crafter, she is dedicated to making your craft one of a kind.

Rhonda has made some of the most elegant wedding arrangements for many couples who are just starting out.  "I can not believe that these are my wedding flowers,
they look like something out of the movies." said one recent bride.

Our Products:
Our flowers are delivered daily except Sundays, so they are the freshest flowers around.
We pride ourselves on the length of time our flowers last, they can easily last for 2 weeks or more.
Of course that depends on how well they are taken care of once you receive them.

Our crafts are mainly created by local crafters, since we believe in the "buy locally" theme,
every once in a while we do have to get our crafts from "out of town" but that is rarely the case.
Nobody else around here can say that and be honest.